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Mod Post: The Basics

This fest is focused on celebrating both the relationship between Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, and the common love of Michael Jackson's music. It is not meant to infringe on any copyrights or to be taken as serious, real life occurrences. This is for fun, so have fun and celebrate Kradam through MJ!

1. A creation will be defined as a fic of at least 1000 words, a large graphic/original art, a set of at least 30 icons, a complete mood theme, or a fanmix with album art with at least 10 songs.

2. Songs may be claimed up to two times by creators. Creators may claim up to two songs for their works.

3. If both songs are to be used for the same work, bump up the requirements by a multiple of two.

4. Don't be a dick. Don't claim songs without the intent to create a fanwork. We understand that things may come up and you have to drop out, but seriously, let's keep this fair to all.

5. If you need to drop, it's okay! Please, let the moderators know so that your song(s) can be added back to available list.

6. All fanworks must feature Kris Allen and Adam Lambert as the main focus of the work. Their relationship may be romantic or platonic. Fanworks can be AU or set at different time periods. Go nuts! But remember, keep the focus on Kris and Adam.

7. Any previously published fanwork may not be submitted to this fest. In other words, your creation needs to be new to the internet.

March 1st: Sign-Ups Open (creators may reserves song titles at this time)
April 1st: Creator check-in, Beta sign-ups open
May 15th: Sign-Ups close, Fanworks due
May 22nd: Fanworks are posted
June 1st: Creators revealed

This schedule is subject to change as the moderators see fit. If there is a scheduling change, there will be a moderator post. So, please, friend this community if you want to be informed.

Use this banner if you would like to help us advertise! Also, feel free to offer your services as a graphics designer for something better. ;)

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Questions? Feedback?
Please, leave a comment to this post or contact the moderators at popkingsmods@gmail.com
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